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Firefighter Suit

Without losing an adequated comfort, this suit protects you from thermal and radiant exposure; chemical penetration; unexpected flash fire conditions, and the risk of puncture and cut. It is also water repellant, breathable, flexible and light-weighted.
Thanks to the 60% of Kevlar® fiber in the outershell and reinforcements located in key areas such as knees, elbows and shoulders, it provides outstanding tear resistance.

A four layer suit that guarantees TOTAL protection.

  • Outershell: RipStop Inherent Fire Resistant fabric. Repellant to Water and chemical sustances. Composed by 59% Kevlar®, 40% Nomex®, 1% anti-static.
  • Moisture Barrier: Non woven fabric laminated with PTFE. Inherent Fire Resistant and breathable.
  • Thermal barrier: Non woven fabric made of aramid fibers.
  • Linning: A light inherent Fire resistant fabric.